May 25, 2010

Whew....Fun Times Have Begun!!

Boy has time flown by? We've been so busying soaking up the beginnings of Spring that it has literally flown by!!

A couple weekends ago we got to go on our first ever camping trip with the dogs!! YAY!! We decided to rent a cabin at a local KOA and take the dogs out to test out they do camping. Plus Chuck and I really like camping so we are trying to go more!

Check out the adorable cabin we stayed in :-)

Check out the porch swing! It was so much fun!!
That's the front door and a little desk they have with a log bench :-)

A double size bed which is a lot smaller than what we have now but it was cold so we cuddled :-)


The 1 room cabins actually come with a double size bed and then these bunk beds! The bunk beds worked perfect for our camping tubs and our duffel bag :) And just how cute are these? The ceilings were super HIGH! It felt so cozy but spacious! :-)

Here we are after getting mocha's from the little coffee cart they have there! They were so yummy and we were so happy to get some coffee!!!

After the clouds lifted around noon we had a beautiful afternoon in the sun! We played cards, ate lunch, took a nap, and took the dogs on a BUNCH of walks! It was so nice! And then Chuck and I's friend Brad came out for a bit and BBQed hot dogs with us!!
And poor Roxy got too cold while we were making snores. Even though I had her bundled up in her blanket on the dog bed we ended up putting her in the cabin to stay warm! Yeah I'll admit I have a sissy dog...but I love my little princess!!

Our Camping Trip was a SUCCESS!! The dogs did great the whole weekend. Buster never barked, Roxy only barked when other dogs barked at her, and the both LOVED being outside all day! Roxy could have done without the night time being outside, but Buster loved every bit of it :) We can't wait to go camping again.....

After we got home from Camping we were exhausted!! It was so much fun but we were both happy to get home to a nice warm shower and shield from the wind!! But our lazy time at home was short lived because the next weekend we had BIG plans!!

We went to the Bay Bridge Series!!! That's when Oakland Athletics play the San Francisco Giants! I was SO EXCITED!! I am a huge A's fan and Chuck is a Giants fan!!

And there was a suprise in store for my favorite players from last season was Jack Cust and this year he was sent down to the minors (don't even get me started on that mistake) and he was back for a game!! WOO HOO!! I was so happy to get to see him play again this year!!

It was such a BEAUTIFUL day at the ball park! When we first got there it was so windy and freezing cold! But once we got into the field and into our seats we warmed right up! In fact we even got a little sunburnt!!

We both had so much fun, we got to witness players we love play, drink beer, soak up the sun, and watch some old drunk man start a fight!! It was a beautiful day at the ball park!!

The next day we had a BBQ at my parents house for my birthday (it's friday but my parents are going camping for Memorial day weekend, so we partied a little early WOO HOO).
One thing I should share about my family....we LOVE to play croquet!! I mean LOVE!! We can't wait for the first nice BBQ of the year to open up croquet season!! So what you may ask did we make a priority on Sunday??
Oh yes....we opened up Croquet season!! Let's hit the lawn folks, mallets in hand ready to kick some butt!!!
Okay maybe we don't really strive to kick butt.....okay well some of us lol....My Paps tends to pick on Chuck and for those who don't know, in croquet if you land touching an opponents you can send there ball flying to wherever on the court!! Yes my Paps loves to launch's pretty funny...My sister and I on the other hand tend to bring up the caboose!

This year we added a member to our little team! My sister's boyfriend Steve has now been introduced to the fabulous game!! It was really fun to play and we even got 2 rounds in before dinner. The first round my Mom won (WOO HOO) and then in the second round my Paps won!!
We all had so much fun and of course I had to do couple pictures :-)
Here is my Paps and Mom!!
My Sister Mandy Jo and her honey Steve!

And of course there are these good looking people down here....

Yup that's us :)
We all had such a good time and we had beautiful weather to play! Unfortunately now it's raining again and I'm hoping it clears up by friday because Chuck and I are going to spend the day in San Francisco for my birthday!! I can't wait and we are taking the ferry over to make it a little extra fun, but if it's pouring rain our plans might change....


Tracy said...

Wow you have been busy.
Those cabins look great!


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