September 15, 2011

Ahhh the Life of Book Characters!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well well well - Look who's kicking butt on her reading list lately? Oh yes that'd be yours truly!! I guess I've been bitten by the reading bug again cause I feel like I'm devouring books like a fat kid devours cake! (Yes I'm a fat kid so Yes I can say that)!

This past week I was able to finish up my book Savannah Breeze by the wonderful Mary Kay Andrews!

Now before I get into this review let me tell you that I LOVE MARY KAY ANDREWS! Seriously if this woman could live at my house and read me her stories every night I'd love it! Not because the stories are that well written (no offense Ms Andrews - Remember I LOVE YOU) but because I just absolutely love the characters! And being lulled to sleep with southern accents sounds so nice to me!

Ms Andrews chose to bring into the mix a character from her book Savannah Blues and give this woman her own story! Ms. Bebe Loudermilk (pronounced Bay Bay) is beautiful, charming, and wealthy! And that wealth causes an attraction by a sweet talking good lookin' hunk of a Con Artist who steals every last dime from her. Well almost every last dime. She ends up with a run down "Inn" down by the beach and has to deal with the grumpy Harry who happens to be the manager of this "Inn". I bet you can all guess how that storyline goes...if not then you seriously have not read enough Chick Lit novels!

A few other characters are involved and one happens to be Ms Weezie - the main character from Savannah Blues! And if you read Savannah Blues you will of course fall in love with Weezie :)

Aside from the fact that it is a Chick Lit novel I was a little saddened by the manner that Ms. Andrews wrapped this book up. It was fast and rushed and honestly totally unbelievable. I know I know - you are shaking your head saying "Duh Kendall it's a damn chick lit book" but I swear it could've been better!

Regardless - I still enjoyed this book a lot and cannot wait to dig into my next Mary Kay Andrews book on my 2011 List. . Until then....I give this book a B+!



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