September 6, 2011

Happy Belated Labor Day!

Hello Everyone and Happy Belated Labor Day!! I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful 3 day weekend! It was a fabulous over here! I got to hang out with my 2 future sister in laws, scrapbook, bake, and read an entire book! Could it be any better?

Yesterday after spending a few hours in the scrapbook room (layout coming soon) and baking up a healthier peach cobbler (recipe is definitely coming soon) I got comfortable on the couch and plowed through this book. A super easy read and it only took me a few hours to get through it!

This book is about a woman in her 40s, Deidre who is a baker of cookies! The only reason I chose this book is because I thought it would focus more on her baking rather than all the other drama in her life. Now if I had known that the main characters in this book are in their 40s and 50s I would not have picked it up. Not that there is anythng wrong with it but I can't relate to people in those age groups so for me, it was extremely difficult to keep in mind that these people are older.

Deidre has all sorts of problems creeping up in her life such as; her cookie line just not pleasing the focus groups and having to revamp multiple times, a friend has a heart attack and Deidre feels the need to run the womans restaurant until this chick snaps out of her depression, a boyfriend who is considered Seattles Most Eligible Bachelor and his ex fiancee who enters the picture to steal him away, and of course the Sister of her honey who hates her.

It's all been done before but regardless you can't help but really like Deidre as a character. Overall grade a C. It was an average book and I could never really connect with any characters.

Next up - The Confession by John Grisham!


Staci said...

Give the old folks a chance! I'll be 42 on Friday! ;-) May have to check this book out. Still struggling through The Shack.


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