September 21, 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday!

Sunday in our house used to mean football all day, until Chuck started working Sundays. Well now that he's got himself Sundays off again (starting this weekend YAY) I know our house will be back to football bloody sunday!

You'd think I'd run and hide and turn my last solo sunday into an extreme princess day...but no. Instead I embraced my new life of Football Sundays!

I did make my way up into my scrapbook room and lit up this beauty! Thanks Bath and Body Works for providing a plethora of new scents that seriously make me swoon. The particular one I chose to burn this day was Cinnamon Sugared Donut!

After getting my room smelling like the local donut shop I gathered the materials I'd need for my Football Sunday Project!

Since my Honey is a San Francisco 49ers Fan, (I hear they are developing a vaccine for this horrible disease) I slipped on my face mask, plastic gloves, and disinfected my sewing table....

I kid I kid :-)
While I may not favor the Niners I do still love Chuck and I had promised him I'd make him a new valence to go in his Mancave, you know to "complete" the look!

Thanks to my awesome Mom for teaching me how to make a valence I just jumped right in and got started.
After spending what felt like a 1/2 hour ironing out the fabric, cutting it, pinning it and then ironing again I got to put in my first stitch! Of course a picture is 100% appropriate for such a task :-)

Suprisingly I whipped this sucker up in an hour and 20 minutes! So proud! 

Check out the before!  

And AFTER!!!  

I've considered making another set so they "scrunch" up but alas the Man of the Mancave likes them just the way they are!

Chuckles loved them and he was quite impressed that I survived, despite having to touch 49er paraphernalia (shudder).

I should explain I'm not even a huge fan of football. I'm a huge fan of the cutie pie players! (I'm looking at you Miles Austin and Jason Witten) Yep I'm that chick!
And technically I'm banned from watching Niner games anyways - apparently last season I was the one who made the Niners lose! It couldn't be because the team sucked - no it was my fault. Essentially any time I'd come down to hang out with honey the Niners would lose. The Brett Favre incident = my fault!

Not that I'm sad to be banned at all...just means more time in my scrapbook room surrounded by pink walls, cute trinkets, and the glorious scents of girl-ville!!

BTW - I should add, I'm a hater on the Niners cause I grew up with a DIE HARD RAIDER FAN for a Paps and a Sister who turned out to be just as intense :-) It was just in my blood! 


Alyssa said...

That's SO awesome that you made a valance!!!!!! Sweet skills, Kendall! Matt has a mancave too. It's a beautiful thing... all of his weird boy crap stays in one room!


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