September 18, 2011

That's Just Peachy!

Last weekend I developed a craving....a craving for Baking!!! I hadn't baked in a long time cause I've been trying really hard to stay on track with my weight loss. But I had to cave.

Soooooo...I caved in one of the best possible ways. I opened up my Taste of Home Guilt Free Cookbook and picked out a Peach Cobbler to make! I was in luck too cause I had everything on hand! Go Me!

This recipe is very easy and you just need a few items, in fact I bet you can even switch the Peaches out for other fruits. I might try a Berry Mix that I've had in our freezer saving it to make a smoothie, but lets get real I'm just not a smoothie person!

I digress - grab these ingredients: 1 egg, butter, baking powder, suger, flower, milk, peaches, and salt.

Open up your peaches and toss them into a pan with 1/4 cup sugar. Let stand for 5 minutes.

While your peaches are "standing" in the pot! Combine egg, butter, and remaining sugar.

Next stir in your milk, flour, baking powder, and salt.

Pour into an 8x8 pan sprayed with baking spray!

Then go back to your peaches. Turn on your stove top, bring to a boil, turn down the heat, and let simmer until the sugar is dissolved. Should take a minute, maybe two max.

Gently plop your peaches over the mixture in your 8x8 pan.

Then pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes.
Wait for your house be filled with the wonderful peach scent then get ready to enjoy!!

This cobbler is indeed dreamy and if you add a little fat free whipped topping (straight from the freezer) it's like HEAVEN!

This cobbler as so amazingly delish and light! I literally felt like I satsified my baking craving as well as my sweet craving! I had one slice with my frozen whipped topping and didn't feel bogged down by sugar. Nope I felt satsified and NOT GUILTY!!

Not feeling guilty is huge for me! I almost always feel guilty when I indulge in my sweet side but this one is on the healthier side and only 4 Weight Watcher Points per slice! Can it get any better? Probably not!

For the full recipe check it out here and then get in your kitchen ASAP to whip up your own! Better make it soon too cause it's more of a summer recipe than a fall one and yes Fall Is Almost Here!!

P.S. You'll notice the recipe called for egg substitute. I honestly can't stand egg substitute so I used real's your choice!


Staci said...

One word. Yum!

Tracy said...

Ohhhh this looks so good.
I will go out 1st thing in the morning and pick these ingredients up.

Alyssa said...

Yummy!!! I recently made a blueberry crumble. Crumbles and cobblers are seriously the best comfort foods!

Tracy said...

I just spent over an hour looking for this recipe (as I forgot where I had seen it).
I should have known better and just came to you blog first.
Instead I scrolled down a weeks worth of my dashboard, lol.
Making this tonigh :)


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