September 3, 2011

Last One :-(

Well here is the last of the Christmas cards I have been working on. I am sure I'll make some more but this is it for Christmas for now! Sad Day - but I'll be sharing Halloween cards soon!!!

This just happens to be Chuck's favorite card I've made!! This one was a lot of fun to make as I got to use a crap load of GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could say I'm off to make more cards or even I'm off to scrapbook but nope not today. Even though I'm sad I won't be working in the craft room I will be going shopping with the Future Sister in Law, so it will still be a fun day. And with Monday being a holiday I can get in my scrapbook room and get my craft on!!!!!!!


Staci said...

Cute card girlie! Have a great weekend! :-)

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said...

We are planning to do this with Whole Food bags and other junk . Mohammed wanted to post Polaroids on them buy way to expensive :) I love this so creative and personnel !


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