August 31, 2011

Juicy Hollywood Gossip!!!

All those who love celebrity dirt and gossip raise your hand!!!

Now go and read You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again by Suzanne Hansen. That is if you know your celebs from the late 80s to the early 90s.

Over halfway through this book, a tale of being a Hollywood Nanny, I had to do some fact checking. Not know at the time this book is indeed a true story. I thought perhaps they put the subtitle on this book to make it more appealing, but no apparently this book is true. It details Suzy's "nightmare" of being a Nanny to Michael and Judy Ovitz young children and drops random facts about multiple big name celebs. Having read over half the book and not realizing that yes it is a true story I was stunned! How on earth could someone get away with this?

Simple - her employers never made her sign any sort of Non-Disclosure Agreenment! She drops some big names too - Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Rhea Pearlman & Danny Devito, Debra Winger & Timothy Hutton, and during the time period this was about Michael Ovitz was on top of the world! This book is for all you celebrity gossip lovers! I even wanted to go back through and re-read so I could actually indulge in the gossip without thinking it was false.

This book, because it's true, gets an A+. If it hadn't been true....well I'm not really sure how I would have felt. I was intrigued but because I thought it was all fictional I wasn't totally absorbed. The minute I fact checked (in case you are curious - I fact checked about Robin Williams marrying one of his children's Nannys = TRUE!) I got hooked on it. I wanted more and more and more! Sadly all good juicy gossip must come to an end at some point.

Now I'm switching gears and will be reading John Grisham "the Confession"....I think.... :-)


Alycia said...

.... I am SUPER interested :o)

Staci said...

Looks like a good one! TFS. :-)


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