August 19, 2011

English Love Story - Grab Your Tea & Crumpets!

Another good old British book read, another British book loved!
This month our book club read "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" by Helen Simonson!

This is a good read! It was cute, it was charming, it had characters you loved and you hated (yes Roger I'm talking about you) and it had L-O-V-E! Who doesn't love a book with a cute little love story? Being someone who is totally into the British and their dry humor I was looking forward to this book from the minute I read the summary. It just so happened the book club was also interested!

If you like British books and you love a good read make sure to check out this book. It is a love story with a lot of family issues as well. It's not an AMAZING book but I can tell we have great things coming from Ms. Simonson. This being her first novel I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next. I won't even try and describe the details of this book as the storyline is simple - love! Love between two people and love within families! And just a tip if you picture Major Pettigrew as the old man from the movie UP! I promise you will be entertained!



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