August 5, 2011

Wedding Madness

I've knocked another book off my 2011 Reading List and this one was adorable!

I just finished reading I Do (But I Don't) by Cara Lockwood.


This book was so cute! It follows wedding planner Lauren's bridal adventures when she runs into Hunky Fireman Nick! Yup it's that type of book, full of fluff, but missing all that steamy sex scene crap! Essentially Lauren thinks that Nick is the groom of the worst Bride ever, who happens to be a client of Lauren's. This book is filled with plenty of things going wrong, lots of typical "miscommunications" and just plain fluffy fun!

Turns out this book was also turned into a movie, that I'm sure I've seen on lifetime at some point. The movie stars Denise Richards as Lauren, so happy I didn't realize this book was also a movie until after I finished the book cause I definitley was not picturing Denise Richards. In fact I wouldn't pick her for the movie either but, that's why I'm no director, among other reasons!

Anywho - I give this book an A. I'm not sure if I was craving a fluff book or if this book was really so darn cute and not at all annoying that makes me want to give it an A. But I think it's a great book for anyone who is getting hitched or for those Wedding Planners out there! Super easy read, super cute, and you will love the characters!


Staci said...

Thanks for the review. I kept looking at the book and wasn't sure about it!


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