August 18, 2011

Vacation Magic!

Remember awhile back I posted about our vacation? Yes of course you do, well my impatient got the best of me and I have now already scrapbooked the entire vacation! And it was so much fun doing these pages! This post is very picture heavy but it is all worth it I promise!!

I did use some Storyteller's stuff but I also incorporated a lot of extra misc embellishments since you can never have to many. Lets just jump right in shall we?

Layout #1

Of course I kept our little car hanging sign! I love being able to incorporate actual items from our trip rather than just pictures and stickers.

I had to do a layout of our "home away from home"!

The map is the actual one they gave us and then I even kept the little tag from the complimentary wine they give you! Yup I make sure to save everything!

Working on these pages made me excited for our next camping trip wherever that may be!

Day 1 of Relaxation!!

Dog Park!!!

Fun Games and Good Food!!

Our last full day and our drive home along the beautiful HWY 1 coastline!

Of course I had to include Roxy while she's sunbathing!!

Sad to be leaving, but Happy to go home!!

Can you see why I was impatient and wanted to scrap them right away? Those pictures were just too damn cute!!!


Tracy said...

Your layouts are so fun. Such a special vacation.

Alyssa @ Double Chin Diary said...

Cute cute cute! You have all of these wonderful memories thanks to these darling books. How do you print your pictures? Do you do it at Costco or have a home printer or something like that?

Kendall said...

Thanks for the comments Ladies!!!

Alyssa - I've used Costco and Walgreens. I only use Costco when I'm getting a bunch developed (like one time I got 1800 pics dev at once) otherwise I use Walgreens :)


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