August 16, 2011

Reading Removal

Well folks it turns out that some of my interests in books has changed and I have chosen to remove four books from my 2011 Reading List :-(. Sad I know but I just refuse to force myself to read books I no longer have an interest in. Who knows, I may end up adding them back for my 2012 list but for now I will be removing:
  1. Moneyball - I couldn't get into it the first time around so I might as well ditch it. Plus my Seester's Fiancee is struggling with it as well.
  2. Last Dog on the Hill - my Mom loves books about dogs and I think her excitement rubbed off on me too quickly. Unfortunately I do not enjoy books about animals as much as she does so I've decided to take this one off. I even asked her which one of the three I had left to read I should keep and she said this one was not it.
  3. Oogy - same story as above, and my Mom didn't even really enjoy this one that much anyways.
  4. Shutter Island - I've been debating heavily about this one. As much as I'd love to read it after seeing the movie I am not sure I'll even like the book. The movie's ending is such a shocker (or it was to me) that I'm not sure I'd enjoy this book while the whole time I'd already know how it ends!
So I am slightly saddened to be removing books off my list, I hate to do it, but I have been contemplating for a few weeks on removing them. I am happy with my decision and am still looking forward to my remaining 2011 books to be read :-)

And on another side note. Originally I had put the book Always the Bridesmaid on my list. Well guess what? There are two books titled that and I bought the "wrong" one so instead of reading Always the Bridesmaid by Whitney Lyles, I'll be reading "Always the Bridesmaid" by Sarah Webb!!

As for now I am knee deep in Major Pettigrew and lovin it! Then after that I'll probably finish up my designated "Summer Reads" like Savannah Breeze or Dear John!! Happy Reading Everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I read Shutter Island and it was really boring. Of course, I didn't care for the movie either.

I read Big Girl by Danielle Steel and enjoyed that one. Which surprised me. The entire first half of the book (or more) I kept wondering where this could go. Then when it ended I was left wondering 'what happens to them later on?"

Staci said...

Amen to that! There are too many books that i forced myself to read because I was halfway through or just felt that I should.

Alyssa said...

It's good to whittle down lists especially if the interest is gone! I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse books right now!


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