August 6, 2011

Movie Night!!!

Another item to be checked off my 2009 album!! This one was super fun and super easy to do, in fact I think it only took me 30 minutes to do this entire layout! Can you say AWESOME?

One saturday night back in October 2009 we decided to move our sunday night movie night to a saturday night and Chuck's sister Jenny joined us! We had dinner then settled in with a roaring fire (which Roxy loved) and the movie Coraline in 3-D. Needless to say the movie was terrible but we still had fun hanging out!

I've had stickers for so long for this page that I even bought more last time I was at Michaels with Mom. But I used all of those stickers on this layout cause really what else am I going to use them on?

Of course the 3-D glasses did not work that well with the fire going so we ended up watching in regular but I don't think the 3D would have made the movie any better!!

Anyone else scrapbook random nights like this? A little FF (Fun Fact) for two years in a row I'll have pictures to scrapbook from October 10th cause in 2010 we went to my friend Alycia's wedding. I am seriously considering taking pictures of us every October 10th and scrapbooking because it's such a random date to have two layouts two years in a row!

Well I think it's kind of weird and cool, I think other people think it's just strange haha!



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