August 2, 2011

Red, White & Blue!

I have been a scrapping fool lately. Well I should say I spent 3 days being a scrapping fool!!

The past two months Mom and I went to two crops and then I spent a Sunday afternoon and evening in my scrapbooking room! It was joyous! The next few posts will be a BUNCH of scrapbooking layouts!

This one features our 2011 4th of July!

Since 4th of July landed on a Monday we didn't do much except hang out and of course BBQ!

This layout was pretty simple but fun! I didn't have too many pictures and I used all of them LOL!!


Staci said...

All of your food looks yummy! TFS!

Alyssa said...

This is a silly question, but what exactly is a crop? I gather that it's scrapbooking, but is it like an open workshop? I see them advertised often.

Kendall said...

Thanks Staci!

Alyssa - OMG First you see them advertised all time????? So jealous we don't have many back up here :-( But a crop is essentially a get together of Scrapbookers and we just scrapbook all day long. Usually it's held in a big room and we all get our own 6ft table space and just sit and scrap all day haha! My Mom and I go whenever we can cause it's fun to be around other scrapbookers! :-)


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