August 30, 2011

The Holidays Are Coming! The Holidays Are Coming!

My goodness has life gotten in the way of my blogging, but I promise I haven't gone anywhere! I've just been unmotivated to be on the computer when I'm not at work! Between a few bad weeks at work and our insanely busy schedule I haven't spent much time being crafty or becoming the next Julia Child but I did promise you some more holiday cards so here they are :-)

These two cards were actually super easy to make. I had some beautiful patterned paper that had squares of Christmas images so I simply cut out the squares and smacked those babies on a card :-)

For this one I wanted to add some embellishment so I dug into my ribbon stash and grabbed two that matched the color scheme. Pretty awesome match right? Just layered one on top of the other and glued it in place. Then added my beautiful reindeer over some simply background paper. This may come as a shock but I used ZERO glitter on this card! Yes a decision I'm rethinking as we speak, couldn't those snowflakes use some sparkles?

This card is one of my faves and it was really easy and fun to make. I just grabbed a couple different holiday patterned papers, another one of those squares I mentioned above, this one obviously being a tree instead of a Reindeer, and my red stickle. Super easy and fun to make!

I still have one or two more Christmas cards coming your way (hoping to craft more and have a bunch more coming your way) but I also have a couple ADORABLE Halloween cards I was able to work on.

As much as I don't make cards and feel that I'm horrible at making cards I've really enjoyed these ones I've made. In fact I hope tonight I can get into my scrapbook room and get my card making on.

Does anyone ever feel like everyone else makes these beautiful cards and yours seem to lack that pizzaz??



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