August 23, 2011

Cookie Monsters!!!

I was so excited to scrapbook my great friend Alycia and I's baking day from last year - 1. Because it was Christmas themed and 2. I had super cute paper to use :-)

We had a blast making cookies that day and I think these pages show my love for baking!!

Okay so I went a little sticker crazy.....not a bad thing right?

See that cookie in the top right corner?? Yeah while those look amazingly delish they were DISGUSTING!! But because the picture is so pretty I had to put it in there :-)

Get ready to see some holiday cards in my upcoming posts as I've been in the Christmas Spirit ("when are you not?" you may ask, yes it's true I am ALWAYS in the Christmas Spirit!) and I've been busying crafting up some cutesy cards!!


Staci said...

Those cookies look delicious! :-)

Alycia said...

LOVE IT. Can't wait for cookie madness 2.0 :o)

Alyssa said...

I'm seriously so sad I don't live up North anymore because I would DEFINITELY crash the cookie madness party!!! Looks like so much fun - maybe you can share your favorite recipes to bake around Xmas and we can do a virtual version, haha!

Kendall said...

Alyssa - a Virtual Version would be AWESOME! We could totally Skype LOL :)


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