August 4, 2011

Here We Come A Wassailing

This layout is of when all of us got together (Mandy Jo, Mom, Paps and I) to help my Sister decorate her apartment. Now my Sister isn't an Ebenezer Scrooge but she's not really proactive when it comes to decorating. She likes Christmas and participates in everything we do, including when we all wanted to help her decorate her place! She had already planned on doing it but we all wanted to do it too!!

It was such a fun day and her place looked awesome!  Never one to miss a photo opportunity I of course had my camera and I have to scrapbook these pictures cause it's cute!

I kept this layout pretty simple cause that's how my Sister likes things. I love glitter and tons of stickers when it comes to my Christmas layouts but since this is all about her :-) I decided to do it Mandy style!

Isn't she so cute posing with her tree?? I just loved how everything turned out at her house and I'm not going to lie, now that she's got her honey I'm sad that I won't be helping her decorate again! But trust me I've got plenty to decorate at home :-)


Alyssa said...

Aw cute!!! Tell Amanda I said hi!


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