September 12, 2011


I never would have thought that I would have finished this book within in a few days, especially when my schedule has been insane and preparing for our Annual Family CampFest! But I did and I am so excited to review John Grisham's novel The Confession!

This book has been the most gut wrenching and "real life" book I've read this year. It's about a young black man who has been wrongly accused of the murder of a classmate. Then 9 years later while Donte (the young man) has been rotting away on death row and has just a couple days to live the real murderer comes out and confessions to a priest hours away from Texas. Yes the book takes place in Texas and if you know anything about Texas they firmly believe in the Death Penalty. Now I'm not saying every single person in Texas does but the people in this book do.

Mr. Grisham provides a large collection of interesting characters and seriously keeps you hooked and involved in this case. I was so immersed in the book that it brought me to tears a few times. It also left me wondering if I even want to research the death penalty issue. I don't want to say much more about this book because it truly is a must read. If you read any books off my list from this year please make it this one.

Mr. Grisham has the ability to open up his readers eyes to a real issue that I may not have otherwise thought twice about. If I could I'd give this book higher than A+ because it was truly thoughtful, gripping, moving and above all an eye opener for how things are run in certain parts of this country despite any evidence.

For those who are interested in crime (true or false), the judicial system, crooked cops, innocent men, guilty men, murderers, lawyers, the church, Texas, and so many other topics that are covered in this book. I'm serious - read this book!


Alyssa said...

Kendall, where do you get all of your books? Amazon? Target? Costco? I'm developing quite a book habit thanks to you and want to know the most savvy place to shop! lol!

Kendall said...

Hey Alyssa,

I actually get them from a variety of places. A lot from the Library, some from the used paperback store here in town and I would say 85% I buy for my Kindle :) It's an expensive habit haha!


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