December 9, 2011

Brussel Sprouts = My New Go To Veggie!

Another great veggie recipe for you all!! This is actually from my friend Laura so I call it Laura's Brussel Sprouts! Kind of funny is that a recipe (pretty much identical to this, minus 2 ingredients) was in Cooking Light!

Super simple - bacon, olive oil, chicken broth, salt and pepper, brussel sprouts, 1 shallot, and balsamic vinagrette (which I did not have and kicked myself for).

First things first - cut up your bacon and then cook it off to the crispyness you like. And then set aside, but leave the grease in the pan.

Throw in your shallots and cook for about 4-5 minutes.

Toss in the brussel sprouts and about 3/4 can of chicken broth. Be careful this will sizzle and pop!

Cook those brussel sprouts until they are to your liking (i like mine soft soft soft) and then toss them into a bowl, add the bacon and if you have it the vinagrette.

Even without the vinagrette these were delish! I was stoked because I have recently discovered I like brussel sprouts so to have a go to, super easy peasy recipe for them! Another veggie that will continue to make an appearance, even if Chuckles doesn't like them!

Anyone else discover veggies they never had as a kid but discovered as an adult?



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