December 21, 2011

Tis the Season for Giving!

One thing I love about the Holiday Season (out of the millions of good things) is homemade gifts! Since we don't usually get that many (however we have gotten some delish baked goods from Chuck's Aunt & Uncle) I decided this year to put together two gift basket gifts for our wonderful neighbors and another wonderful couple that is very much part of our family.

I had found a great idea for Cake in a Mug gift and knew it'd be a great gift. Originally we were going to do these for Aunts and Uncles (on Chucks side) but we found out we won't be seeing them so I was very excited to still have awesome people to give these to.

For the cake part you just need - Cake mix and instant pudding, and for the glaze you need powdered sugar and vanilla coffee creamer.

Mix the pudding and cake mix together.

Mix the powdered sugar and powdered creamer together (I'll get the exact measurements for these)

Then you divide those up into little baggies (which you will see in my next post)

In addition to the cake in a mug I saw this cute idea on

They are called Smore Pops and all you need is - Chocolate Grahamn Crackers, Marshmallows (I had the mini's but the bigger ones will work better), Sprinkles, Chocolate, and Popsicle Sticks.

First things first I laid out my crackers and sticks. You need two crackers per stick, one for the actual stick and the other to help the stick stay on the cracker when drying. (Don't worry it makes sense)

Next up melt your chocolate using the microwave - nuke for 30 seconds, then stir the chocolate until melted. You should not have to microwave your chocolate longer than the 30 seconds.

Next up start spreading the chocolate on each grahamn cracker (the one for the pops not the other ones, a.k.a the ones on the bottom).

Then sprinkle with sprinkles! :) This is optional but who doesn't love sprinkles?

Put some chocolate on the popsicle stick and then place on top of your chocolate covered cracker.

Top with your marshmallow. If you use the big ones (I recommend) then cut each marshmallow in half and stick it on top of the stick (Thats on top of the cracker). For the mini's I just used four and made a little cluster.

Notice the bottom cracker is just there to help the stick dry to the cracker.

See a little cluster of marshmallows YUM!

Once you've got them all ready to go, transfer to your fridge to let the chocolate set. I left them in there 20 minutes and they were good to go :) 

These are so much fun and so cute! A perfect addition to a smaller food gift! Stay tuned to see how I used both of these food gifts in the gift baskets............


Alyssa said...

You're so creative! I LOVE this! Homemade gifts are seriously the best.


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