December 22, 2011

Nifty Gifty!

Remember those cake in a mugs I teased you with...? Of course you do! Well here they are when given away as gifts!

I used festive ribbon to tie off the little baggies of cake mix and glaze.

And I just used some festive paper to make the tags.

Then printed out the "Directions" to make your cake and used the same paper I used for the tags! Plus added the AWESOME tree rub on! Don't you just love rub ons? 

Got out the basket... 

And the fun filler!  

The super cute mugs! 

Then just started putting it all together. Added the green filler first.

Filled those mugs up with filler too!! And I added some of the red and white filler to fill out any corners of the basket that needed more. 

Place the baggies into each mug! 

Add in your recipe card! 

To hide the recipe card I just place a card in front of it! You don't want to spoil the gift before they open up the basket. 

Then added in some hot chocolate mixes and the smore pops! How cute are they all wrapped up?

And voila you have a nifty (and easy) gift for your friends. We gave one to our amazing neighbors and this one went to Danielle and Jeff :-). I loved making these and the cake in a mug is so NEAT and delish!! I had to make one just to be sure :-)

Anyone else do any homemade holiday gifts?


Alycia said...

OMG!!! So cute. I hate you sometimes. Damn martha stewart!

Staci said...

Such a cute idea! happy holidays!


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