December 5, 2009

2009 Christmas Projects

So Friday night I started a few Christmas Projects I need to get done!

The first one is these trees made out of Pipe Cleaners. My Mom and I went to a craft fair and saw a really cute idea. You make trees out of pipe cleaners and attach a little satchel of candies to the bottom! I started working on the trees friday night. I got 3 of them done but here are two of them! I bought button gold stars for the tops!

I also found this cutie at Michaels for $1. It was a Christmas Tree pin the you put together yourself. I got all the "Decorations" added and glued the flashing lights on. I was going to originally wear it as a pin but then I had a better idea. I bought 4 stockings and put the animals names on them to hang at the fireplace with our stockings and thought this would be a cute accessory to add. So today we went and got 3 more to make and put on the stockings!
I plan on finishing up the trees and the stockings tomorrow plus finishing up a few more small Christmas projects but we shall see :-) I'll post more pictures once I've finished it all up!



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