December 5, 2009

Day After Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

So I LOVE to cook and I love to cook big holiday dinners so Chuck and I have been doing our own thanksgiving! This year we did ours on the day after thanksgiving. That day I was with my sister almost all day because she wanted to buy a new tv and we ended up having to go an hour away in order to get the one she wanted but it was worth the deal. But Chuck had to start Thanksgiving dinner without me!

Here we are right before dinner:
The beautiful 8lb Turkey we got!! It's BEAUTIFUL!

Chuck carving the turkey! I couldn't wait to eat!
The table all set up! My Mom had sent me home with leftover Jell-O Salad. I was so stoked to have it two days in a row!

The beautiful and tasty pumpkin Chuck made for us! It was so good!

Our little thanksgiving was so nice and relaxing! I love that we do holidays just the two of us as well as with our families :)
I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and a successful black friday shopping day!



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