December 9, 2009

Christmas Decorations

So this is extremely picture heavy but I wanted to show off some of our decorating :-)

Here is a couple shots of our living room standing in our dining room!

This is right above the fireplace. The two up top are Chuck and I's and then the four on the bottom are ones I did this year for the pets. Each has their name and a christmas tree pin that I made (from a kit I found at Michaels) and pinned on to give a little more decoration!
Here is a cute little Santa I've had for a few years that sits on our DVD holder!

3 of my mini snowglobes! I love snowglobes!

I got this cute nutcracker at Michaels on thanksgiving! He's perfect for Chuck and I.

Here is one of our walls!

This has got to be my favorite! It's in the middle shelf on our wall above! It's actually salt and pepper shakes but I just love them!
This is our dining room wall. I have some cute themed snowman figurines and 2 of my snowglobes that Chuck got me the last 2 years! And a cute minnie musical doll that came from his Grandma's house.

This sits on our breakfast bar. in case it's not clear those are pinecone candles on the sides!

This little guy came from my mom! It's a candle holder, but he's so cute! The sign says Noel.

And here is our Mini tree! I have one at the office and one at home. The ornaments are from Rudolph and Santa Claus is comin to town (the movies) and then of course the new South Park ornaments we got! HAHA. This sits on a shelf on the first landing of our stairs!

Our house is so festive! I have a bunch of other decorationst that I haven't taken pictures of that I should add later. And I still have to make our new wreath for this year! Looks like I'll have a busy weekend! Speaking of the weekend I am so EXCITED. We have Tree Trimming at my parents on saturday night! I cannot wait!


Casey Wright said...

Fun stuff! The fire looks delightful - it's 10 degrees where I am right now! Great pics!


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