December 9, 2009

Our Christmas Tree and New Ornaments

Our new tradition (2nd year) is gifts from Santa Claus. It landed on the right day this year for the German tradition of the shoe in the window. But we got new pajama pants. And with as cold as it's been getting these flannel pants will be so nice to have :-) Chuck also got a new fleece hoodie! Santa probably saw how much he steals my sweatshirts :-)

Here is our beautiful tree we got at Home Depot. 2nd year in a row of Home Depot tree and it's a gorgeous tree! It's probably at 7 ft and is really bushy :-) Quite a bit bigger than our tree last year! Don't think we can go any bigger in our condo without it taking over the living room!

Chuck and I also get each other a new ornament each year (this came from my Family's tradition) and this year he got me another kitty ornament. it's the next one in the series he started buying me last year! It's so cute! I love cats!

This year Chuck got two ornaments from me! I found this little guy at Big Lots for $1.00 so I bought one for him and one for his Dad who has a specific 49ers Christmas tree each year!

The front view!

Here is Chuck with is ornaments. The other ornament I got is on the right. When you push the bottom it plays Christmas songs :-) Figures he'd like the cheaper one the best!

This ornament is one my Mom bought us awhile back. The business was closing (I think I remember that correctly) and it was in the same area as her old job so she went and bought us this beautiful ornament! I love him, he is so pretty!
And here is the tree fully decorated. I was so happy because this year we finally got to stop having to put on our "cheap" ornaments LOL. We finally accumulated enough nicer ornaments that I absolutely love. We have some glass multi color balls, some glass ornaments I got this year and then our ornaments we get each year. And I am so excited because my Mom has a bunch of ornaments from my Grandma's that are mine from when I was a kid! I can't wait to put those on the tree!

Here it is all lit up :-) I am going to try and take some better pictures of it lit up but my camara was dying so I had to take them quickly :-) But I got some new batteries and tonight my plan is to get a nicer picture!

I love our tree so much! We got new beautiful glass ornaments, a brand new tree skirt, and our wonderful tree topper we got last year that I still love :-)
Happy Holidays!



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