December 5, 2009

Danielle's Christmas Wreath

One thing I love doing is putting Christmas wreaths together! I haven't had a reason to make one for 2 years now but this year I got to make one for my sister's best friend Danielle and I am making a new one for Chuck and I. But I sat down Friday night and worked on Danielle's.

Here are the supplies I got from Michael's Crafts :-)
The wreath with the ribbon wrapped around it :-)

A close up of some of the wreath!
And here is the wreath all day! It's not the best picture of it but it really sparkles! It's quite glittery and I was worried it would be too much, but she loved it! Now I am excited to get ours done and hang the old on on our back patio and the new on the front door :-)



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