December 5, 2009

Tree Hunting!!!!

So today we went and got our Christmas Tree :-) I was so EXCITED! We had some errands to run and then we went to Home Depot to get our tree!! You may laugh or say Home Depot isn't a tree farm but two years now we've gotten an AMAZING tree!

Here we are after we bought it, some nice gentleman offered to take a picture for us :-)

In the back of my HHR..I love my car! It fits our 7 ft tree, granted the top rides up front with us but it's not in the way at all, just the tip of it!
Chuck taking the netting off to free the branches!

Me trimming the tree branches at the bottom! It had a few branches that were looking pretty sad!

And here it is!! It's actually a lot bigger than our tree last year! It's about the same height but it's a lot fuller! I love it! It has made the house smell great already! And I bought the tree skirt last year at target when it was like 75% off so I was really happy to have a nice tree skirt this year!

Tomorrow night we have our Tree Trimming to decorate it! I am so excited! I can't wait to give Chuck his ornament and get the tree nice and decorated with some new nice ornaments we bought this year and get rid of the cheapo ornaments I've had for years!!
Happy Holidays Everyone!



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