July 10, 2011

Birthday Bash-TASTIC

Another layout I finished at the Crop was a 2008 layout (yay only a few more left until my 2008 album is FINISHED!). This layout was for the combined birthday celebrations of Chuck and Jenny! A small group of us spent some time downtown just hanging out and having a few drinks!

So much fun!

I LOVE the background paper I used and I think it may have come from my Mom :-) It's so fun and sparkly though, perfect for a birthday!

I am so happy I have these pictures to scrapbook! Getting all of us together is impossible these days so it's fun to look back at these nights of family and friends :)

I cannot believe I am so close to being finished with 2008!! I am so excited to scrapbook our Housewarming Party pages! I've got a bunch of pictures so I want to make sure to do it right and include as many as possible but after I finish that big layout I think I will only have a small handful (think counting your fingers on one hand) to finish up!
New goal - Finish 2008 Album before the Holidays!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

very cute layout

Staci said...

Great job! I used that paper on a LO a few months ago. :-)


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