July 19, 2011

The Nanny is BACK!!

I am a little disappointed because over vacation I only finished ONE book!! Yup only one :-( I had planned on reading two but we spent a lot of time on vacation walking the dogs or taking them to the dog park, or playing Yahtzee and we had super early campfires cause it was cold so I ended up just reading one!

But I had a blast on vacation and I can read books any time :-)

I finished up Nanny Returns (the sequal to the Nanny Diaries) by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

This book was alright. I kind of wish I had not put it on my list but it is what it is. This book was A LOT of FLUFF!! The storyline was somewhat interesting but not delivered very well. If you've read the Nanny Diaries I wouldn't even bother reading this one. It's hard to like the main character again and it's just slightly strange. Maybe I need to live in the Upper "Rich" Area of New York City in order to understand but I was not impressed.

Overall grade - C.

Anyone else read the Nanny books?


Anonymous said...

Read the first one agea ago and loved it. Then was excited when they made it in to a movie. But wasn't happy with how they did the movie. Got really excited when I saw there was a sequel. I was actually about to start reading it. I think I'll skip it for now though.


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