July 29, 2011

To Be Happy You Just Need to "Be You"

Awesome Book Alert! Awesome Book Alert!

Just finished reading our book club book for the month of July and let me tell you how amazing this book is.

First off the biggest thing I loved about this book was how "real" Gretchen Rubin is! She tells it how it really is without shame. She is who she is and I love it!

This book is her journey of trying out different resolutions to see if these things would make her happier. To be honest this book took me awhile to read it but not because it was dull and not because I couldn't connect. Quite the opposite actually. I spent a lot of time reflecting on the book and applying certain resolutions to my own life. It was very thought provoking and I 100% intend to do my own Happiness Project.

Now the thought of doing this actually somewhat overwhelms but that's because I don't have a plan. I am going to use her blog site as a guide and work at setting up my own happiness project for 2012. I might be crazy for trying to do that and plan a wedding but if it will help keep me sane during those moments of time I'll feel like it's a success. I think I also might do another one in 2013 to see how a different year of no wedding planning will make a difference.

One of the biggest theme throughout the book was to "Be Gretchen" A.K.A Be yourself. Just cause you feel like you should like something doesn't mean you have to. If you don't like it you just don't like it. I cannot wait to apply the "Be Kendall" aspect to my life cause I defnitely feel there are a lot of things I really wish I liked or really wanted to do but lets be honest I don't really like them and I need to just be okay with it. No matter how many times I tell myself that I should like this and I can convince myself to like I really can't and this book has brought that idea to the front of my brain. It's quite interesting how many people are this way and I loved that Gretchen encourages you to just "Be You"!

Everyone needs to read this book and everyone should check out Gretchen's blog.


Staci said...

Looks like a good read. TFS!

Just Jaime said...

I LOVED this book! I want everyone to read it! =)

Alyssa said...

Well you just bought some hot dog boxers, and I just bought a book! Yay! lol!


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