July 3, 2011

Upgradin' It!

A long time ago my Mom passed on to me her smaller Cricut when she upgraded to the Cricut Expression. And I have loved that little Cricut so much, but since I've gotten more comfortable and was using my cricut essentially every time I was working in my scraproom I felt it was time to UPGRADE IT!!

I scoured the Internet for deals and finally settled on doing some good old fashioned bidding....Ebay bidding that is! I spent a friday evening browsing the best deals and then sat and waited on one items bid to come to a close!! And guess who walked a WINNER?!?!? That's right Kendall Did!! Go Kendall Go Kendall!!

So I present to you the newest addition to my scrapbook room!! My Cricut Expression!!

Can you believe this baby sat in the box for one entire evening before I even got to open her up!!

Major bonus is that she still fits on my Cricut station table AND I got to leave my little pencil box of Cricut tools and few cartridges sitting on the table too!!! I was so excited to sit down and use her that I spent two hours just cutting things out...I just had to see how big things could be cut!!

It was like Christmas that day when I opened up the box and placed my new baby in her spot! I am in love with the new Expression. She's a little stiff right now but with some wear and tear I'm sure she will loosen up and discover she's found a forever home where she'll get lots of TLC!!

Happy Scrapping My Fellow Cricuters!!


Alycia said...

ooh! So fancy :o) Congrats!

Staci said...

Have fun with your new baby! ;-)

Mary Pat Siehl said...


Alyssa said...

I love getting new gadgets!!! Have fun!


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