July 9, 2011

Teeny Tiny Little Bitty Lies

It's official this book is completed mis-titled. It should read - HUGE BIG LIFE CHANGING LIES!!! And then I could say it describes the contents of this cute book by Mary Kay Andrews!!

I am definitely falling in love with Mary Kay Andrew's books and unfortunately by the end of this year I'll be at least 80% through her books!! Another one of her books to love is Little Bitty Lies!

The main character Mary Bliss (yes very southern) decides when her husband just ups and leaves her while royally screwing her financially to stage his death to cash in on the only life insurance policy left. I first of all could not believe that this was the plot of a story and then imagine my shock when I got myself all wrapped up in the "Why the hell is her jerk husband doing this?", "Where is he?", "What the eff is going with her bitch of a daughter?", "When will Katherine and her husband get back together?"

Oh yes, it's safe to say  I got myself completely hooked on this book! This morning I had planned on dropping my car off for its oil change and then getting our house cleaned up, but what did I do? Got right back in bed with Chuck and finished reading this book :-)

It was worth the late start to my day and I am so happy I read this one! Super cute and I recommend it for a really good light summer read, complete with all your Southern drippings!

Happy Reading and Thank You Ms Andrews!!



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