July 13, 2011

So Ya Think Your a WiseGuy Huh?

My book list is finally shrinking to a level where I feel comfortable. I am really hoping to finish all my books but again I'm feeling like I may have over extended my book list for this year! But regardless of my feelings I am still plugging away and I finished up Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi!!

Have you seen Goodfellas (With Ray Liotta, Robert DeNiro, and Joe Pesci)?? If you have then you already know the book! I'm not saying that you shouldn't read the book but it really follows the movie pretty damn closely!! And I love love love the movie so I was pretty excited to delve into this book!!

And it was all that I hoped it would be! I loved this book and I am very excited to read the next "wiseguy" book on my list! I'm not sure why crime interests me so much but I really enjoy reading true stories of these "mafia" guys! For example I love Johnny Depps movie Public Enemies and have even done research on the characters from it. I just think it was such an interesting (and corrupt) time.

And to think it wasn't that long ago that Paul Vario, Henry Hill, and Jimmy Burke were causing havoc! Heck I was alive for part of it, I was a child and wouldn't know anything about it but I was still alive during some of their shenanigans!

A huge A+ for Nicholas Pileggi and I defnitely intend to look into more books published by him on other crimes! If you love Goodfellas go check out this book, it's a quick easy read, and it's pretty interesting to read about all the horrible things these guys did. What's even more interesting is how they don't see anything wrong with it!! Somewhat mindblowing actually!! Enjoy


Alycia said...

Public enemies is ALSO a book. I own it if you want to borrow it :o)


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