October 24, 2011

Falling Leaves - Crafty Time

I was so excited to sit down in my Scrapbook Room awhile ago to work on Crafts that I completely forgot to post this lovely work of art!

I found the idea from this very cool blog - Happy Clippings!

I just had to make a quick stop at Michael's for the felt leaves, then JoAnn's for the buttons (which I fell in love with).

I got home and laid out my supplies and got to work!

First I cut out the tree using my Cricut and the My World Cricut Cartridge.

Then I cut out little squares (I think I made them 1 x 1) for the letters. Now the original crafter used Scrabble tiles but I couldn't even imagine "stealing" tiles from our game so I just made a little change!

I actually just used from plain black Alphabet stickers for the letters!

Than I laid it all out, made sure everything lined up right and then began gluing everything into place!

I was so happy with how this turned out and I honestly cannot remember what got me to the blogger who first created this but I am ecstatic I did!!

After much consideration on where to place this we decided the front door would be ideal! Added in a few Halloween touches and voila - entryway table decorated!

Unfortunately this post has a sad ending...One morning Chuck walked past the table and must have knocked it just right because the frame came crashing down and knocked off the little ghost in the middle and the Jack o Lantern to the left. Smashing the Jack O Latern and Ghost to pieces but the frame stayed in tack....for now...

About two days later I closed our door and it was enough to knock the frame down another time :-( Luckly just the frame shattered and not my other pumpkin but now I'm on the hunt for a heavy frame which I'm going to get before November 1st so that this little baby can be put up for our Autumn/Fall Decorations!

Anyone else been crafting any Holiday crafts?


Staci said...

Aww, sorry to hear about your Fall decor! i have done absolutely nada. I haven't even bought Halloween candy yet!

Kendall said...

Girl you need to get on top of that LOL!! We aren't buying any candy until actual Halloween! My butt can't take it in the house and knowing me and the man we'd have to get more candy on Halloween even if we bought it now LOL


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