October 30, 2011

Going Fishing

This month for our book club we read a cute story written by Vern Hobbs called Flying Fish!

Even though I've lacked motivation and have read only 2 books this month (Oh no, there goes my 2011 reading goal) I am happy to report that this book was much more enjoyable than the last one!

The story revolves around a man named Smiley (you can't go wrong with a name like that) who lives in a tiny Florida coast town called Juniper Key. When the lively hood of the fishing town is put in jeapordy by greedy jerks who want to build a Casino on a Sacred Indian Burial Ground Smiley and the other townspeople feel helpless. It's a very charming story and while I enjoyed the book I think I would absolutely die if they turned this into a Hallmark or Lifetime Channel movie!

Overall Grade = B+. It took me awhile to get into it but once I did I was a happy reader. However it's a very light read and it doesn't really make you think, just a fun little read about an adorable town!!


Staci said...

Sounds like an interesting read! Have a great day!


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