October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

With Halloween right around the corner we knew we had to get our cards out soon! After spending a few hours crafting up some home made cards I am sad to say that half received home made and half recieved store bought! Granted last year all that I sent were bought so definitely a step up from last year! Who knows maybe in 2012 I can hand make ALL the cards!

For now I want to leave you with the cards I crafted up this year! Hopefully everyone has now recieved their cards!!

So Spook-Tacular!

I couldn't resist, both Frankie and Jack look like they just saw a ghost :)

One of my faves because of all the glittery goodness!

Hope your Halloween is very Bewitching!

This is the very first card I made! I love it!

Casper even made an appearance!

I hope everyone has a very very Happy and Safe Halloween!!


Staci said...

I love your cards! Happy Halloween! :-0

Alycia said...

oh my god. those cards so FREAKING cute. you are so talented. jealous!


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