October 18, 2011

Oh Henry!

Finally another post. I promise to get back in the swing of things but to be perfectly honest (since I consider all my readers and fellow bloggers to be friends) I have been in the weirdest funk for the past few weeks.

I've neglected my blog, I've neglected my reading (according to Good Reads I am 7 books behind schedule YIKES), and I have even been neglecting my new recipes to try! I have not been neglecting my scrapbooking room but I cannot post my latest crafts until people get them in the mail!

So I've been stuck in a funk and I am determined to take this week to get myself out of it.

First on the agenda - FINISH A BOOK!

I finally finished reading the second book written about Henry Hill's life (Goodfellas).

What can I say about this book?

Of course I never really liked Henry Hill as a person but I never really felt a dislike for him until I read this book. I mean sure he's a loser (sorry dude but you are), but I really never truly felt those feelings of dislike until this book.

This book picks up from about the time the first one ended, and it goes into Henry's life after Witness Protection. Essentially the guy is an extreme addict, more than I had thought from the previous book and movie, and a cheating jerk! I would use different profanity but this is a blog.

He is such a sleaze bag and I kind of wish I had just left it at the last one. Don't get me wrong I'm still intrigued by all the workings of the crimes he was "involved" in and the way Witness Protection works was absolutely AMAZING to read. On the other hand I sometimes wonder the truth of his "Stories". I mean seriously when you are all drugged up how the hell can you remember what your time was like in Protection.

It just seems more unbelievable to me when someone who pretty used drugs and drank the entire time in Protection would have an accurate memory of what happened.

Overall wish I had stopped at the first book, I give this a D. I just can't figure out what I believe in this book and what I don't. It was slightly slow and I seriously hated the man by the end of the book, not for his gangster days, but for the way he treated his wife, children, and multiple woman, as well as his good friends, or so he claims are good friends.

I guess when someone bails you out and gives you money you'd start considering them a good friend, but I ask what on Earth did you ever do for them? Oh that's right - you made them a crap load of money. Guess that's what friends are made of in the life of Henry Hill.


Staci said...

(((HUGS))) Hope you're feeling like yourself again soon.
I finished another book from your list! The Art of Racing in the Rain was fantastic! Thanks for posting your list.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

nice to hear from you again!

Kendall said...

Thanks Ladies!!

Staci - you are so sweet thanks for the hugs :) And I am so glad you liked the book!! Hope I've given you a few other good ones to read :)

Mary Pat - Good to get a comment from you again! I'm sure I'll be blowin up your blog now cause your cards are so cute!! :)


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