February 7, 2012

Another book down!! Boy do I feel like I'm on a roll!!!!!!!!

I just finished reading Morning Glory by Diana Peterfreund.

Now this was definitely an easy read and I got so hooked from the get go that I couldn't put it down! I finished this book up within 2 days and I couldn't even get through the movie!

The book lets you develop your own picture of the characters, which isn't too far off from the actors and actresses but for some reason the book is just so much easy to get through and so much better!

It's about a tv producer named Becky who gets canned from the tiny local station she was working at. Not because she's a crappy employee but because the station couldn't afford her and because they wanted to bring someone in with credentials. Desparate to find a job, because working is her life, she applies to every station she possibly could.

A connection from her previous employer lands in a big stations executive producer of a failing morning show. Leave it to Becky to work her butt off and do everything possible to get the shows ratings up. Does she succeed? You will have to read it in order to find out and since it's an easy and super cute read I highly suggest you check it out!

It wasn't thrilling by any means but it was sweet and you really do fall in love with Becky!
Overall grade = B.



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