February 15, 2012

Key to Sadness

I just finished up Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay and Yes it's worth all the hype that's been created around it!

This book was so amazingly sad but I loved it!

The book centers around two characters - Sarah and Julia - in two different time periods in France. One lived through the horrible holocaust, in which I never knew the extent of how the French people were involved, and the other lives in more modern times as a journalist who's been assigned to dig up information about that horrific time.

This book truly takes you into a huge part of history that you probably had no idea about, unless of course you are a history buff. I was a little skeptical about this book. I was excited to read it but I was really unsure of how much I'd get into it. After only 50 pages in I was hooked and couldn't wait to take my lunch break and get off work so I could pick up where I left off.

This book is tragically beautiful and I would recommend it to every single reader. It's touching, it's enlightening, and it really captures emotions.

Overall grade - A+. It really is amazingly well written and unique.


Staci said...

May have to check this one out! You pick such good books, K!


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