February 21, 2012

Beer and Dip = Beer Dip?

I know it's been FOREVER since the Superbowl and forever since I have blogged but I MUST share our Superbowl Feast and the recipes we made!!

First Up - Beer Dip! That's right people I said Beer Dip!!!

This one is so easy, all you need is: Beer (duh), Ranch Dressing Dry Mix, Cream Cheese, and Cheddar Cheese (yup totally forgot to include it in the picture), and then pretzels for dipping!

You will want a softened 8 oz bar of cream cheese! Mix in your beer and your ranch dip mix!

You want it to look creamy and smooth!

Add in your cheddar cheese! See here's the picture!

Looking delish and of course smelling delish! Well if you like the smell of beer it was smellin good!!!!!!

Present with pretzels. No joke, that's it, easiest dip ever. Unless of course you just buy dip, but why buy when this is so much easier! However should not be served to kids!

Where oh where did I stumble across this easy and delish recipe? Taste of Home!! I was doing a search for appetizer recipes for Superbowl and this came up multiple times! It was really really good!! I would definitely make sure you get the texture right. Ours needed a little more beer to make it a little more like a dip, we broke quite a few pretzels but I didn't want to over do it on the beer and have it taste too much like alcohol!

This is a must try for all 21 and older adults! You can use any beer you like and it really is so easy, took me less than 5 minutes to whip together!! I highly recommend for the next Superbowl or heck Baseball season is just around the corner.......Get the recipe here.



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