February 8, 2012

Welcome Home!

I can't believe that I forgot to post this card I made. Last year my Sister and her Fiancee bought their very first home and of course I had to make them a card! I gathered up all my new home embellishments and paper but I just wasn't excited about any of it!

Instead I hopped online to get a picture of their home and I chose to try to recreate their new home with what I could! This is what I was able to come up!!!

I used one of my cricut cartridges, cardstock, glitter, and of course I used a sticker!! I was able to get the color of house pretty darn good, however it's not a two story house!

Even though it wasn't identical my Sister absolutely LOVED it! I was proud to give it to her and I think she really loved the personal touch I put into it!! I still can't believe I forgot to post this since that was quite a few months ago, but I had to share it now!!

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