February 4, 2010

Another Craigslist Steal!!

With Chuck and I planning a bunch of projects on the house I am always on the lookout for AMAZING deals!! And as I was cruising Craigslist yesterday I found an ad for a bookshelf...exact height that we were looking...excited I sent off an email to the person asking to purchase it and pick it up this afternoon.

I was so happy and so suprised to find out that it was EXACTLY what we were looking for. Sure it needs a little TLC but I've got plenty of that to give.

This is the bookshelf and where it will sit. It will hold our cookbooks that are currently residing upstairs in the mancave closet and the few that we use on a regular basis sit on top of the cupboards!!

How much did we pay for this sturdy perfect height perfect shelves you may ask??? oh a mere $10.00!!! I know it's a great deal right? We couldn't even get the cheap bookcase that Walmart sells for $10.00.
Needless to say I cannot wait to move this little beauty out to the garage and sand it down and paint it!! I am thrilled with all the deals we have been discovering!
Currently we are awaiting an email back from a girl who is selling her dining room table...it looks like it's in amazing condition and it's got seating for 6...it will be so great if she emails us back and says we can pick it up this weekend!! We will figure out how to get it home once we are able to purchase...
Keep your fingers crossed for us!!! And stay tuned for the bookshelf remodel!!



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