February 4, 2010


Today in the mail I got the most wonderful surprise. After getting soaking wet because of some unexpected showers!! I opened the mail box and noticed two envelopes addressed to me that I assumed were more offers to refinance our mortgage....

I dropped all the mail on the breakfast bar, opening every other piece of mail first....

But those two envelopes held inside them the items that made me forget about being cold and wet and I felt like it was beautiful sunny 70 degree weather with a hot dog and a beer :)

You fans know what I am talking about!!!

Oh yes Tickets.com you are AMAZING with your shipping
TICKETS TO THE OAKLAND A'S that I ordered last saturday!! I was so shocked they came so soon!!

I CANNOT wait for April 17th to get here! I love baseball season and I love being able to go to the games instead of watching them on tv all the time. I don't know how people do it when they don't live close to a baseball field!! Its like the beach I couldn't live without them!!
Today was a GREAT DAY!!!



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