February 7, 2010

Brand New Bookcase!!!

Remember this post? Bookcase!

If not here are some pictures of the awesome bookshelf I got off craiglist for $10.

I finished sanding it on Saturday...here is a picture with the other end tables that I also finished up sanding!
After I finished sanding on saturday I took a quick shower and we headed off to Home Depot to pick up paint! I thought we were going to have to go with regular semi gloss paint but we decided to check out the Spray Paint! I am so happy we did...not only did we find quick drying spray paint in a satin finish...we found one that was exactly espresso...the color we want our furniture to be...it couldn't have been better...
Not only was I amazed at the deal we scored on the paint matching...it was really quick dry and only required one coat! BTW four cans of the spray paint cost us only $15!!!

After it was completely dried I moved it inside and realized I had to make a quick trip up to Beverly's to get some decorations for it.... I picked up the two candle holders, candles and the clear sand rocks inside the holders. I had the mirrors already and the picture frame is one we had up on another shelf.

Here is a close up shot of the candle holders that I put together. Originally I was going to do flowers but I love candles!

We even still have room for more cookbooks. One of the best parts is that this bookshelf is pretty deep so none of the books come close to sticking out! It makes it less of an eye sore.

I was suprised with how well this turned out. It is better than I had expectated all the way around. I wasn't sure that all the cookbooks would fit or that I'd like the paint but I was pleased!
This bookcase is absolutely perfect. Not only did we save money all around but it was so easy!!! And I must give thanks to my Paps...if I hadn't grown up around a handy man I never would have been able to see the potential that older pieces of furniture would have with a little TLC. I can't wait to paint the end tables and get them moved back into the house!!
Side Note: dining room table fell through...still on a lookout but no rush here. Just want to make sure it's exactly what we are looking for!! Hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl!! I watched the Puppy Bowl for a bit while eating lunch! Other than that I was busy all day!

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