February 21, 2010

Brand New End Tables

Well not quite brand new...Awhile back we found 2 end tables on craiglist.com for $25.00 (http://abitofthisadashofthat.blogspot.com/2009/09/craiglist-steal-of-deal.html) And I finally got done sanding them (http://abitofthisadashofthat.blogspot.com/2010/01/exciting-day.html).
I was so excited to finally get them spray painted and moved into our Living Room!!
Here is the paint:

I highly recommend this paint when refinishing any furniture. It sprained on evenly with just one coat, and it dried within a few hours!!

All sanded down, wiped off and ready to be transformed!!! Honestly it looked so great to me as just bare wood but of course not good enough for the living room!!
After painting the bookcase outside the garage and getting spray paint on the front of our garage sidewalk I figured it was time to actually be smart about it. I took a couple old pillow cases and a sheet that was going to goodwill and put them under the tables!
And started spraying away :-)

At first I wasn't going to paint the inside and all around the drawers but after having leftover spray paint I thought why not do it the right way!!

Just waiting to dry now!!

AHHHHH It was so great to get the new knobs put on them. They were the perfect silver for the espresso color!
And the other one!!

Chuck was so happy to see these finished. And I was extremely proud of how well they turned out! Now it was time to find a TV Stand......



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