January 30, 2010

A's Tickets and Sanders...Could It Get Any Better?

Last night before I slipped into bed I set the alarm!! I double checked it before I fell asleep because there was something I just couldn't be late for!! No I didn't forget it was Saturday!!!

Today at 9AM Oakland A's tickets went on sale...I just had to get the best tickets possible!! AND I DID!!!

My Paps and I are going to see a game (we have started a new tradition, this will be 3 years now) of going to see a game just the two of us!!! And I am so happy that we get to see the A's play the Orioles (his favorite team)...And I got us tickets 18 rows from the Oriole's dugout...I was pretty excited as this is my birthday present to him!!

I also got 2 tickets to see the A's play the Giants, Chuck's favorite team!!

Needless to say I was buzzing without any coffee this morning!

After a quick shower I finally opened up a Christmas gift I got: This little Beauty:

And I have two of these end tables to refinish for our new living room plans:

Does this table look familiar? It should: Craigslist Steal of a Deal

Let the Sanding Begin!!

It took me 15 minutes with this little power mouse to sand the top and edges of the end table! I was ECSTATIC!!! Needless to say I sanded one of the end tables...only thing left is to manually sand some of the little crevices....I might need to go over the bottom again but we shall see when I have more light!

I could not believe how well this sander worked! It is now the BEST GIFT I got at Christmas!! Well it's a tie cause after a day of being on my feet the current foot massager gift that I got is heaven :-)
I cannot wait to finish getting this one prepped and then I'll sand the other...and then we will stain or paint. We need to decide on a color first haha...but I am excited to say we are finally making some headway on the home improvements we've been planning since last year....



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