January 2, 2010

The Perfect Brownie Pan & Cutter - AS SEEN ON TV!!

I was so FREAKIN excited!! Awhile ago I had seen this on TV and told Chuck that it would be so neat! I am a horrible brownie cutter! Mine end up in all different sizes! When they come out with a cake cutter similar to this I will be buying it ASAP! I just can't seem to cut anything straight!

But even after teasing me for wanting this cute little contraption....HE BOUGHT IT FOR ME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I was so EXCITED!!

You just take a boxed cake mix and then pour it into the pan they provide and then put the cutter into the mix and pop it into the oven!

And voila out they come baked as normal and already sliced!!

And the cutter comes out super easy and didn't mess up any of the brownies!!
The set also comes with some stencils so of course I had to try them out! I just used powdered sugar and made a star and a heart! I actually made these brownies for New Years Eve! They turned out so good! and they looked AMAZING!

I highly recommened buying this, even if you are okay at cutting brownies this makes it super easy! No cuttng involved! and they look bakery worthy!!



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