January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey

So Sunday was Chuck's Big 30th Birthday but as I stated in previous posts he hurt himself at work and we had to postpone all festivities. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate the last weekend in February or the first weekend in March. But I must say even though he's down and out he had a wonderful birthday! I gave him his gift Saturday night cause his best friend Nick had brought him a gift to go with mine. I got him a PS3 and he was so shocked!! And then Nick got him a game...but he got it all set up on saturday night.....

And this was him on Sunday....ALL DAY!!

I was so happy that he was so obsessed with it. Even when his Mom came to see him he had a hard time putting the controller down, but he was happy to show off all the features...overall he had a nice birthday and was really happy :-)



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