January 2, 2010

Another New Recipe!!

One of our New Years Resolution is to not go out to eat! We are going to be so HAPPY if we make it through January LOL, but our goal is to start out at waiting 3 months. If a special occasion like a birthday or our Anniversay we may go out but we are going to plan on doing dinner at home every night. Not only does it mean no more eating out dinner, it includes lunches, breakfast and Starbucks!!! I think we can do it!! So stay tuned...

But in order to try and eat more at home I'm back to trying new recipes!! I think this will keep it spicy and make us want to eat home, we won't get bored!! But in order to make it stick this time (with trying new recipes) I organized my recipes! I went through and cleaned out all of my random scraps of paper with recipes, typed them up and put them in sheet protectors. I then divided them into Recipes We Love and Recipes to Try and then divided them into Breakfast, Appetizer, Dinner and Dessert. It took time and I'm still not completely done with it, I ran out of page protectors, but so far I'm loving it!!

So tonight, despite feeling like shit and preferring take out food, I bucked up and made Fettucine Alfredo! Simple enough and something I never made from scratch! I was super excited to make home made alfredo sauce!
I took 2/3 cup heavy cream and 1/2 stick of butter. Melted the butter into the cream on the stove top.

Then I added 1 cup of parmesan cheese and mixed until it melted. The recipe said the cheese would melt but I found I needed to put it back on the stove for a little while and continue stirring.

Here it is mixed in with the noodles!
We also heated up some carrots! I love CARROTS!

I totally forgot to take a picture of it plated, a little out of practie I guess, but here is my plate afterwards! Can you tell I liked it? haha. I am definitely filing this away in the Recipes We Love binder !!

And we really wanted dessert so Chuck made that!! He took a brownie from New Years Eve and whipped up some creme chantilly and then decorated with a pirouille (not sure if I spelled it right). It was so good!! So much for healthy eating and losing weight tonight HAHA! Once I'm feeling better (hopefully by Monday) I'll be back to my working out schedule!! But how could you pass up a dessert like this one?



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