January 30, 2010

Another Home Improvement....New Curtains!!

I finally had it with our stupid blinds that cover the back sliding door! The individual blinds keep breaking off and with the dogs it wasn't worth going out and buying replacements...

My Mom came over and we headed off on a Shopping Adventure to some discount stores....Tuesday Mornings and Big Lots....and we were SUCCESSFUL in our mission for new curtains!!!

Tuesday Mornings = $45.00, the actual curtains (2 panels) and a BEAUTIFUL curtain rod!
Big Lots = $10.00 for 2 panels of Ivory Sheer Curtains!
And one stop at KMART to get the seperate rod for the sheer curtains!

With Chuck down and out he couldn't help much but his best friend Nick was at the house and they helped me remove the disgusting blinds and put up these new curtains!

The beautiful curtain rod end!
Here they are closed!

And open

We definitely needed something to block out the window so we had the idea of sheer curtains so people cannot just peer into our dining room and kitchen! And they work great! You can still see into the house but not enough to bother me!
And these curtains now make that wall seem huge!! I cannot wait to continue working on the new home renovations and get the dining room and living room completely done!
Wish us luck in our home renovation adventure and stay tuned for more updates!


Tracy said...

These look great, and the price was perfect.

Love your blog.

Bella said...

Thank You!!!

MsYankee said...

Looks great! We are bickering over what to put in the office. I think I should follow your lead and just get something. Ha :o)


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