January 2, 2010

Chocolate Mousse - YUM!!

Chuck really wanted some Chocolate Mousse for our Christmas Day dessert! So I gave it a shot!!

Here are my ingredients: Vanilla Extract, Eggs, Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips, and Heavy Whipping Cream!!

Some of the ingredients mixed together!!
The egg whites whipped to a "Peak" :-)

Here is the melted chocolate waiting for the eggs!

All whipped together!! Doesn't really look like mousse to me!! I think the chocolate needed to cool longer!

Into the fridge they go! I filled each individual dessert bowl and wrapped them up cling wrap and slid them into the refrigerator!

Right before I served our dessert I had to whip up some whipped cream. Instead of doing regular whipped cream I made Creme Chantilly! You add Vanilla and Powdered Sugar!!

Here it is all whipped up!! Yummy!!
And the finished product!! So the texture was not right! It tasted GREAT!! And we loved it but the texture wasn't quite right! So I am definitely trying it again!!


Wingnut said...

Dagnabit! Now I want some! :)


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